Epic Chinese Knockoff Cars

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As the Chinese market expands, so does their ability and willingness to build these knockoffs.

Why save up for a real Rolls-Royce Phantom or Bentley Continental when you can go to China and buy the next best thing for cheaper? You might not know this, but China is really, really good at creating knock-off everything. All sarcasm aside, the copycat Chinese car business is booming, with tons of cars designed to look like everything from luxury sedans to gas-sipping microcars. While most of these cars borrow on a small-scale, some borrow on a massive one, copying everything from the interior to the exterior.

The Geely GE may be the greatest Chinese knockoff ever made. Rolls-Royce threw a fit when the car made its debut in 2009 as it bore a striking resemblance to the Phantom. The exterior of the GE looked remarkably Phantom-esque, but the interior was all original with a unique three-seat layout with the backseat described by some as a throne. Rolls-Royce was so mad they threatened to sue, prompting Geely to change the design the following year.


If you can't tell what car the Shuanghuan Noble (Bubble) is ripping off then you may need to get your eyes checked. The Noble may be the long lost twin brother of the Smart ForTwo, but Mercedes-Benz didn't see it that way. Despite the Noble seating four as opposed to two, Mercedes still saw enough of a copycat in the Noble to attempt to block its sale in Europe.

Great Wall Motors is known for creating some epic knockoffs, but its knockoff Transformers marketing campaign may be its best work of all time. In addition to featuring robots taken right out of Michael Bay's "Transformers," the posters also feature two cars which look similar to those made by Toyota.

Hautai gave the Bentley Continental a fresh, albeit conceptualized makeover back in 2009 when they debuted images of a luxury four-door sedan concept. Bentley was understandably furious over the car, which to date has never made it off of the drawing board.

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