Epic Drag Race: Bugatti Chiron Vs. Lucid Air Sapphire Vs. Tesla Model S Plaid

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Will 16 cylinders of quad-turbocharged forced induction be enough to take down two of the world's quickest electric cars?

The 2023 Lucid Air Sapphire is a tri-motor EV built with a single purpose: to dethrone the Tesla Model S Plaid as the quickest luxury EV on the planet.

Of course, it's worth remembering that the 1,914-horsepower Rimac Nevera has already crushed the Tesla in a drag race and would likely beat the Lucid too. Until now, we've had to take Lucid's word that the Sapphire would conquer the Plaid, but Hagerty's Jason Cammisa put that claim to the test.

Camissa lined the Lucid and Tesla up for a drag race, bringing along a Bugatti Chiron Pur Sport to show that internal combustion cars can still keep up with the quickest EVs on the market.

Before you go any further, watch the video below and then read the analysis further down.

Hagerty / YouTube Hagerty / YouTube Hagerty / YouTube

The $3.6 million hypercar is the most powerful vehicle in the test, with a quad-turbo W16 producing nearly 1,500 hp. Even so, it was not the quickest.

Off the line, the Bugatti is left for dead by the Lucid and the Tesla. Thanks to its three-motor setup producing 1,200 hp, the Lucid Air Sapphire achieved its mission and demolished the Model S Plaid in a quarter-mile race, staying in front the entire time. On an unprepared track, the Lucid clocked a 9.1-second quarter-mile time at 157 mph. The Lucid rocketed to 60 mph in just 2.1 seconds, likely crunching the driver's spine.

As for the Tesla, it finished dead last in this race at 9.3 seconds at 152 mph. Despite its slower launch, the Bugatti monstered ahead and passed the Tesla, completing the race in the same 9.3 seconds at 156 mph. If the race had been any longer, the Bugatti would have crushed both EVs.

Hagerty / YouTube Hagerty / YouTube Hagerty / YouTube

Cammisa wasn't done because his last video featured a Corvette Z06 getting destroyed by a Ducati Panigale V4 SP2 superbike.

The man who beat the Z06 in the last race, MotoAmerica Supersport champion rider Josh Herrin, believed he could extract an even quicker time from the bike. What better opponent than a four-door luxury car? Despite having a world-championship ride, the Ducati failed to match the Lucid with a 9.3-second time at 157 mph.

So whether its opponent has two or four wheels, the Lucid Air Sapphire looks like the car to beat in a drag race.

Bring on the Rimac Nevera...

Hagerty / YouTube Hagerty / YouTube Hagerty / YouTube

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