Epic EV to Supply Composite Bodies for DeLorean EV

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It won't be making 1.21 gigawatts, but the new DeLorean EV will feature a new chassis composed of a lightweight resin infused composite.

A while back we reported that the DeLorean Motor Company based out of Texas (not Ireland) will be launching an EV version of the iconic sports car. Set to head into production for 2013, more details have just been revealed regarding the car's structural makeup. Epic Electric Vehicles was already set to supply the drivetrain for the car, but now the two companies have decided to expand their partnership further. But as with any vehicle containing EV technology (i.e. batteries), weight is an issue.


Fortunately, Epic EV also develops composite materials. And now DMC plans to cut some 200 pounds off the production car's weight by switching the chassis material from the old fiberglass to a new lightweight resin infused composite. According to Chris Anthony, the founder of Epic EV: "The DeLorean was 30 years ahead of its time in the 1980s so I felt that the composites the new DMCEV uses today should also be well ahead of its time. The roof crush and side impact strength is greatly improved on these bodies and I think this is a great new attribute for the DMCEV."

Some early performance numbers indicate that the DMCEV could have a top speed of 125mph and will produce around 260hp. Pricing won't be cheap and expect for it start at around $100,000. They should be hitting the road well before 2015 - minus Mr. Fusion and the hover conversion.

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