Epic Fail: Man Crashes Lamborghini Gallardo on Test Drive

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A man test-driving a Lamborghini Gallardo crashed it into a barrier in the Land Down Under.

Straight front Sydney, Australia comes a story of a man who just wanted to test drive a brand-new Lamborghini Gallardo. He took the fresh supercar off the lot with his co-pilot, a salesman from the dealership. Well, that's were things get a bit murky, because according to the report from the Australian daily, the Daily Telegraph, the driver 'panicked' and crashed into a roadside barrier. The crash occurred yesterday morning on the entry ramp of the Cahill Expressway.

The $400,000 car was a complete wreck, according to the Telegraph, with the impact 'ripping the front right-hand wheel from its axle and bonnet (hood) from its hinges.' "It appears he panicked - these things happen. It doesn't matter as long as no one was doing anything stupid or crazy, and no one was injured," said Lamborghini Sydney managing director Andrew Smith. No charges have been filed, though luckily the insurance on the Lamborghini covered the incident since the driver wasn't speeding.

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