Epic. Minivan. Burnout.

What does it take to smoke the tires on a Chrysler Town and Country? Matt Farah and company set out to find out.

Car video host Matt Farah has proven himself capable of presenting all manner of automotive themes, but at the end of the day, his forte is burnouts. That's why his website is called The Smoking Tire, after all. But while rear-drive sportscars and muscle cars may be the best suited to lighting up their powered wheels, Farah's latest video features another kind of vehicle altogether: a minivan. Farah loads a half-dozen of his compatriots into and onto a Chrysler Town and Country and proceeds to shred the rubber to bits.

There's so much smoke, in fact, that even when Farah lets up off the throttle and everyone climbs out, there's still smoke billowing through the aircon vents. Fortunately the T&C - a rented one, at that - has plenty of opening doors to let the clouds dissipate. Check it out in the clip below.

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