Eric Clapton's $4.7M Ferrari SP12 EC Revs in London

This car looks wonderful every night.

Rock great Eric Clapton might be slow on stage to change a guitar string, allowing for the bored audience to give him a slow hand clap while waiting (hence the nickname), but he certainly doesn’t hesitate when it comes to buying a Ferrari. Clapton has owned Ferraris dating back to his first introduction courtesy of friend, the late George Harrison’s 365 GTC. He bought a 365 GTC of his own, and followed that with a Daytona. In all, he has owned around 30 Ferraris, all the while trying never to own more than five at one time.

His last Ferrari purchase, a 458-based one-off, made headlines for its hefty price tag of $4.7 million. We posted a video of the custom made supercar leaving the dealership over a year ago. It has now resurfaced and was recently caught on video thanks to the fast hands of Supercarsoflondon.

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