Eterniti Hemera Official Full-Body Photos Released


The 180mph SUV has finally been shown in all its glory.

On Monday we brought you the 2nd official teaser of Eterniti's premier SUV concept and now we are bringing you the first full official photos of the brand-new British brand's SUV. Alliteration aside, Eterniti Motors has done a very nice job designing their first model. The SUV, as mentioned on Monday, is set to "bring new levels of luxury and performance to the SUV segment." The cars will be hand-built in London and will be fitted with iPad and smartphone tech.

It will also feature reclining electric rear seats and some limousine-like interior accoutrements. It runs on the Cayenne Turbo's turbocharged V8 and has been tweaked for an output of 620hp. The self-titled 'super SUV' can hit a top speed of 180mph. The Hemera will debut at the 2011 Frankfurt International Auto Show in less than a week and Eterniti will also launch their brand at the premier German event.

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