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Euro-Spec Ford Mustang Won't Be Offered With Hood Stripes Or Scoops

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America, you have absolutely nothing to worry about.

Generally speaking, the Ford Mustang you can buy right now in the US will be the same car available in Europe. Generally. We previously knew the V6 engine would be an America-only deal, and that’s just fine. Europeans are more open to a turbo four banger as a base engine mainly because the Mustang itself is so new to them that they’re not fully aware of its history with the V6. The 5.0-liter V8 is available, but the majority will prefer four cylinders.

And, as it turns out, European Mustang buyers also won’t have the option of two features many American enthusiasts crave: hood stripes and scoops. Ford’s European Vehicle Line Director for the Mustang, Ulrich Koesters, confirmed to us at Geneva last week that hood stripes and scoops are no-go’s in Europe. Reason being is that (most) Europeans don’t care about stripes, and hood scoops don’t comply with pedestrian impact standards. Aside from those, the only other noticeable changes the Mustang will undergo are closer gear ratios.

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