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Europe Shortchanges America: Weaker Golf R and S3 for US

We should get 280 horsepower versus 296 offered in Europe.

Two of Europe’s finest and most affordable hot-hatches boundfor US imports will arrive in weaker form than they are marketed inEurope. The 296 horsepower dual-injection Volkswagen Golf R and Audi S3, whichbenefit from both direct and multi-port injection, have not been approved bythe EPA for America. Beyond increasing power, the multi-port injection plays a role in decreasing carbon build-up, which is why European emissionsauthorities require it.

As a result, the cars we will get will only bedirect-injected, making a total of 280 horsepower when they hit our local showrooms. Meanwhile,both models’ arrival dates are yet to be confirmed. While the Golf R waspresented at the Detroit Auto Show last month, the new S3 has not yet been presented here. Evenwith the lower output, we can’t wait to get our hands on both these hot hatches,which should still be among the finest, most enjoyable rides in their price category.

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