European Honda CR-V Concept Teased Ahead of Geneva


For a concept car, the CR-V is looking remarkably realistic.

Following its American launch, the Honda CR-V will be making its European debut at the Geneva Motor Show in so-called 'prototype' form. The CR-V is described as an 'all-new' model and appears almost identical to the US version. This preview model is meant to highlight the exterior styling direction of the fourth-gen CR-V that will go on sale in the fall. Compared to its predecessor, it adopts a more aggressive stance with a bolder front fascia and deeper sculpting of the body lines.

The lower front bumper wraps neatly upward showcasing its SUV capabilities, while integrating into the fascia for improved aerodynamics. Honda's long-awaited 1.6-liter diesel engine is expected to power the CR-V, the handling and ride of which has been re-engineered for European tastes. A series of other changes have also apparently been made to differentiate between the US and European models.

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