European Hovercraft Championship Racing 340

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We don't understand how it happens, but it's just possible that some people out there are starting to feel a bit jaded about auto racing. So, as a means of keeping motorsports fresh and exciting, we bring you some different vehicles racing, hovercraft. This race took place at Prudhomat in France, and is actually the final race in the European Hovercraft Championship, three words you quite possibly never expected to see together.

The 2010 Veracruz's exterior is simple, styling, clean and attractive, looking similar to the luxurious Lexus RX 350. Inside, the interior is so upscale that it takes you by surprise. Saddle-leather upholstery that is soft and well made, a dash and center stack tastefully designed, and seven seats really show that Hyundai went above and beyond with this model. Both trims are also available in AWD.

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