European Tuner Takes On The Chevy Corvette Stingray

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German tuning house Slystyle takes on improving the design and power of the C8.

The Chevrolet Corvette Stingray C8 is a solid-looking high-performance automobile out of the box but German tuner, Slystyle has decided to give the C8 Chevrolet Corvette some new styling coupled with a bump in performance.

German tuners aren't renowned for restyling American cars but Slystyle specializes in US muscle and we can trust the Germans to deliver quality engineered parts that perform and are safe to use with strict TUV certifications. Now we just need Chevy to crank up production of the C8 in Bowling Green, Kentucky to get Vettes to modify.

Slystyle Slystyle Slystyle Slystyle

At the core of the Slystyle Corvette tuning program are a number of functional aero upgrades. While we doubt it's comparable to the air management and downforce afforded by the Z06 for the Z07 Performance Package, it does have merit.

The Corvette front bumper now features a new splitter that reduces lift in the C8. The end result is a more grounded front end with 110 pounds (50 kg) of downforce. The sides of the front bumper have been fitted with canards to keep the corners planted while the sideskirts with fins have also been restyled to suit the Vette.

Slystyle Slystyle Slystyle Slystyle

The rear of the Corvette has been fitted with a more serious wing. An additional 176 pounds (80 kg) of rear downforce is augmented by a complex rear diffuser to manage air at the rear of the vehicle.

The stance and grip of the Slystyle Corvette have also been ramped up with larger wheels in various styles. At the front, 20×9 inch wheels wear 255/30R20 tires while 21×11.5-inch wheels wrapped in massive 325/25R21 tires are at the back. To fit them in the wheel wells better, SlyStyle offers a lowering kit to bring it down nearly an inch (20 mm) including vehicles equipped with the front lift kit.

Slystyle Slystyle Slystyle Slystyle

For power, Slystyle has a few upgrades for the C8 and is still working towards cracking the ECU code. For now, a K&N high-flow air filter, intake manifold, and an electronic-valve Grail exhaust system with quad pipes open up the LT2 V8.

The results were recorded on the dyno as 478 hp and 450 lb-ft measured at the wheels, not the crank. For now, it's plug-and-play and the factory ECU plays nice with these upgrades to realize a 0.5-second improvement in quarter-mile times. But more power (and proof) will be had when the cracked Slystyle ECU tune arrives.

Slystyle Slystyle Slystyle Slystyle

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