Europeans Are Going Absolutely Nuts Over the New Mustang

Welcome to Europe, Ford Mustang. Your eager fans await.

It all started with a well-organized and smart advertising campaign that aired during one of Europe’s most-watched sporting events: the UEFA Champions League final. Americans know that sport as soccer; to the rest of the world it’s football. Ford knew exactly what it is doing and the results have paid off. Because Ford previously announced that the first 500 orders for the new Mustang will be taken during the final on May 24, it’s now been overwhelmed by even more eager Euro buyers.

All told, some 9,300 people tried to order a new Mustang when pre-registrations began during the game. What’s more, Ford is claiming that the initial 500 order goal was met just 30 seconds after the ref blew the starting whistle. Those first 500 2015 Mustangs will be delivered to 20 countries across Europe, including 130 right-hand-drive units for the UK. Remember, this is the first time Ford has officially offered the Mustang outside of North America. And Europeans are loving it.

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