Europeans Won't Be Able To Buy A Genesis Until The End Of The Decade

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The news from the Genesis brand keep getting weirder.

When Hyundai announced that it would start a luxury brand of automobiles we though it sounded like a good plan. Building expensive models like the Equus and Genesis without a luxury badge was an odd move to say the least. Now Hyundai is making up for its mistake with the new Genesis line of vehicles. Unfortunately, the Genesis brand only has one confirmed model, the G90, which will replace the Equus. Launching a premium brand with just one model is difficult, and Hyundai now has to push back its launch plans.

We have seen Hyundai's Genesis rollout plans, but those will now be pushed back for Europe. Hyundai Europe Chief Operating Officer Thomas Schmid told Automotive News Europe that, "Europe won't see it before 2019. The main reason is we need different powertrains." Initially, the Genesis brand will only be sold in North America, China, the Middle East and South Korea. Schmid says that the delay for Europe is because "we don't yet see the right moment to do it because at the end, we want to be successful, and successful also means profitable." In Europe, consumers like to have multiple powertrains which won't be ready right away for the Genesis brand.

By 2020 Genesis will have six models, including two SUVs and a sports car. By this time there should be alternative powertrains such as hybrids and full-electric cars. If you live in Europe and were looking forward to buying a Korean luxury car, you will be waiting for a while. Could Kia's new sports car debut before a Genesis touches down in Europe? At this point it seems like anything is possible.

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