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EV-Hating Vandals Attack Tesla Supercharger

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First ICEing and now this.

First it was Tesla-hating truck owners purposely blocking charging station parking spots with their vehicles and now this. According to Teslarati, a Tesla Supercharger located in St. George, Utah has been purposely vandalized. A Model 3 owner named Mark Larsen made the initial discovery and shared some resulting images on Twitter.

As you can see in the picture taken by Larsen, the vandals tried to actually cut a Supercharger cable and even drilled into the plugs of three charging stalls. Needless to say, the damage made the rendered the Superchargers inoperable. The good news is that there are security cameras in the vicinity so authorities at least have a chance at identifying the perpetrators. But it's not like this is a brand new Supercharging station the vandals decided they didn't want in their town. Quite the opposite.

This particular station is one of the older ones out there. Tesla has already been notified about what happened to the station so it won't be long until it's up and running again. Unfortunately, this isn't the first time a charging station has been vandalized and likely won't be the last. Along with the recent ICEing incidents, there has also been an increase in reports of vehicle break-ins, including in the San Francisco Bay Area. Is Tesla, or electric vehicles in general, really that polarizing and threatening to some? Apparently.

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Tesla CEO Elon Musk has taken note of what's been going on as he recently announced the addition of an upcoming Sentry Mode security system giving owners a 360 dash camera incorporated with the Enhanced Auto Pilot feature. At the very least, this will enable owners to catch criminals in the act. Would-be vandals and criminals should take note. Whether one likes or hates EVs is one thing, but to purposely cause property damage is wrong, not to mention illegal. As said in 'Pulp Fiction': "Don't f-ck with another man's vehicle. It's against the rules."