Even Firefighters Were Shocked This BMW Driver Survived

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Take a look. Yeah, not good.

By now we've seen all kinds of car accidents, ranging from minor fender benders to some really nasty outcomes. But this one is just shocking to look at. According to the SFGate.com, the driver of this black BMW 3 Series managed to escape what could have been a fatal injury. Yes, that's a massive metal beam sticking out of the windshield. How did this happen? The driver was traveling southbound on I-280 when the metal beam fell off the back of a truck driving nearby, and went through the windshield.

The driver managed to pull over and walked away with only a minor scratch. Even local San Jose firefighters were amazed the driver lived. "Had the person been a little more to the right, it would have impaled him," stated a San Jose Fire spokesman. "It looks like he had not so much dodge a bullet, but dodged a large beam of metal."

Source Credits: www.sfgate.com twitter.com

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