Even Ford Admits The Focus Electric Is Bland And Unexciting


Hey, that's what happens with government compliance cars.

Did you even know that a fully electric Ford Focus exists? Well, it does, but not for much longer obviously. Launched back in 2011 needless to say it's quite out of date. American buyers never warmed to the car either. Perhaps that's because it had a range of just 76 miles until 2016 when it was updated with a new 115-mile range. The new Nissan Leaf, however, has a 151-mile range. Speaking to Engadget, Ford's global director of electrification, Ted Cannis, pretty much admitted the car's dull personality.

It was, more or less, a compliance car needed to satisfy the automaker's overall fuel economy figures for the EPA. "There's nothing wrong with the Ford Focus Electric," Cannis said. "It's executed well. But, it's not too exciting." Fortunately, Cannis and his boss, Ford CEO Jim Hackett, are keen to build electric cars that are, in Cannis' word, "awesome." The first vehicle we thought of, and Cannis specifically referred to, is the upcoming Mach 1 small SUV featuring Mustang-inspired styling. It's said to have a 300-mile range on a single charge and will arrive in dealerships across the US sometime in 2020. By 2022, Ford plans to launch 40 electrified vehicles, 16 of which will be pure EVs.

Ford is fully aware of what Tesla and other mainstream automakers are doing in terms of EV development, such as crosstown rival GM, which plans to launch a new Chevrolet EV in 2021. The current generation Focus will also be the last in the US, with the sole exception of the new Focus Active. And when the current gen is discontinued, the Focus Electric will take a final bow as well. We doubt few will even notice. But if you're keen on buying an EV and are looking for a bargain, chances are Ford will be more than happy to cut you a good deal on a Focus Electric in order to get them off dealership lots for good.

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