Even Ford Focus RS Engineers Are Giddy For The Rally-Inspired Drift Stick


For only $1,000, how can anyone not be?

For an extra $1,000 over its $41,995 base price, Ford Focus RS buyers can pick up the rally-inspired Drift Stick, which comes directly from Ford Performance. No aftermarket assembly required. What this neat toy does is mimic the leaver of the hydraulic handbrakes used in rally cars, and can be pulled whenever the driver wants some additional action from the rear tires while in Drift Mode. Not at all surprisingly, Ford Performance engineers are mighty happy with their creation, judging by their reactions in this new video.

If you were to ask any one of them in-person about the Drift Stick's inner workings, you'll probably be subjecting yourself to a highly detailed, engineering-speak response. It'll be extremely geeky only true car nerds would fully appreciate.

For example, once the Drift Stick is pulled, its system electronics tells the ABS brakes and rear differential to allow for the rear tires to lock. It's basically asking for the ABS system to ignore that rear tire lock up, disengaging the clutches in the differential. The result is wonderful rally-style turns that are very hard to pull off in Drift Mode only. The stock handbrake isn't really capable of doing what the Drift Stick can. Because it's OEM, the Drift Stick will immediately communicate with the RS' electronics once it's been installed, a task many owners can manage themselves.


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