Even German Ford F-150 Raptor Owners Hate Tesla

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At least some do, such as this guy.

Not everyone is happy to see the arrival of electric vehicles and has spawned the practice of what's called ICEing. This is when areas specifically designated for electric vehicles to recharge are blocked by ICE-powered vehicles. Tesla Superchargers are commonly chosen to be blocked, leaving Tesla owners in a difficult situation. We thought this practice was limited to the US, but it turns out it's a global phenomenon.

The Berlin Police just posted a couple of photos on its official Twitter account showing a Ford F-150 Raptor parked and subsequently being towed away from an EV-only charging area. Actually, it was taking up not one but two parking/charging spots.

Police BerlinVerified/Twitter
Police BerlinVerified/Twitter
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This happened only a few days ago and the police, to their full credit, were quick to respond. "Our #A11 also cares about heavyweights: Had the big blue actually tapped the charging station, the electricity would probably have been lost in the surrounding households," the translated post states, which also serves as a public warning.

If you don't drive an EV and park it in a designated charging spot, the police see this as easy money. The good news is that nothing was damaged or, more precisely, vandalized. Yes, really. There are some people out there who must despise Tesla enough to physically damage cable plugs and the cables.

Front Angle View Ford
Side View Ford
Rear Angle View Ford
Dashboard Ford

Keying the sides of Tesla vehicles has also become sadly common, hence one of the reasons why Tesla added Sentra Mode, which uses external cameras to monitor what's happening around the vehicle when parked. Often times, vandals have been caught red-handed. But the most that can be done against ICEing is towing, and everybody hates it when they're car is towed away by the police.

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