Even In 1981 MotorWeek Predicted The DeLorean Would Likely Be A Failure


The stainless-steel gullwing sports car was unusual even back then.

The story of the DeLorean is well known and documented. Before its rise to fame in the "Back to the Future" trilogy, the DeLorean DMC-12 was really a troubled car from the get-go. In fact the entire DeLorean Motor Company was just a disaster waiting to happen. The brainchild of former GM executive (and Pontiac GTO creator) John Z. DeLorean, the new carmaker had completed construction of a new factory in Belfast, Northern Ireland, and production of its debut model was finally getting underway.

Before Johnny Z. was arrested for cocaine trafficking (another story entirely) the stainless-steel-bodied DMC-12 went on sale. And one of the original video reviews still exists thanks to MotorWeek. Even back in 1981, when this segment was filmed, it was evident the car had its quirks. But we still love it nonetheless.

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