Even Lamborghinis Get Recalled From Time To Time

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Like the Gallardo, whose warning lights may not be working properly.

Modern automobiles are highly complicated machines, which means that things are prone to go wrong. That's why automakers – even the most exotic of them – issue recalls. Like this latest one to cross our desks, from none other than Lamborghini.

The Bolognese automaker has identified a problem with certain Gallardo coupes and Spyders, which may fail to warn the driver of potential problems with their safety systems. So the Raging Bull marque is recalling 1,152 of them (from the 2011-14 model years) in the United States to reflash their engine software.


The predecessor of today's Huracan, the Gallardo remains the most widely produced Lamborghini to date. Between 2003 and 2013, the factory in Sant'Agata churned out over 14,000 of them – a number that will surely one day be surpassed by the newer Huracan, which (as of this past summer) had yielded 11,000 examples.

The quantity being recalled, then, represents just a small proportion of the Gallardos out there, limited to certain examples made between June 23, 2010, and November 20, 2013. But it still represents more units than the automaker sells in America in an entire year.


The problem, specifically, can occur when a warning light flashes on the dashboard, but fails to re-illuminate after the car is switched off and turned back on again. Apparently the issue arose after a previous ECU reflash, but the automaker hopes that another one will clear up the problem. The recall campaign is set to kick off on December 14. So if you're fortunate enough to have a Gallardo in your garage that's affected by this recall, you can expect to receive a letter from the manufacturer inviting you to arrange a service at your local dealer.

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