Even M5 Ring Taxis Crash at Green Hell

Nurburgring / 39 Comments

Hey, accidents happen.

If you ever happen to be visiting the Nurburgring and don't have a car to drive, then you can either rent one or go for a ride in the official Ring Taxi. The good thing about going with the latter option is that a professional driver will be behind the wheel, allowing you to fully experience Green Hell with its crazy turns and all. The current car doing Ring Taxi duties is the F10 BMW M5. Its processor was the E60 M5. Point being is that these are serious cars with some serious power and part of their development and testing was done on this very course.

But now one of those Ring Taxis has crashed. The exact circumstances of the crash remain unclear and no one was seriously hurt, but the car itself is completely totaled. Word on the street is that it hit 113 mph while going around the first left-hander after the carousel. Even professional drivers have accidents every now and then.

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