Even McLaren's Greatest Hypercar Has Its Faults

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The automaker has issued a recall for the P1.

The McLaren P1 may be the greatest hypercar from the British automaker, and with a price tag of $1,150,000, the supercar is also the most expensive vehicle from the brand as well. Despite the level of engineering that has gone into creating the hypercar, McLaren just issued a recall for 122 units of the P1 that were produced between March 1, 2013 and October 31, 2015. The problem involves a faulty backup hood latch that could open the front hood while the vehicle is in motion if the secondary hood latch is not reengaged properly.

One incident has been reported where the hood of the P1 opened when the vehicle was in motion, but no other cases have been reported. To fix the problem, McLaren dealerships will install a redesigned hood latch onto the P1 and the job should only take an hour to complete. It looks like hypercar owners do have things to worry about.

Handout, McLaren Automotive
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