Even More Bad Ass SS Variants May Happen

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But it'll depend on how well the SS sells in the US.

The long-awaited successor to the Pontiac G8 is just beginning to arrive in showrooms and already Chevy is considering launching an even hotter SS. For now it's powered solely by an LS3 V8 with 415 horsepower that's paired to a six-speed automatic. Some hard-core enthusiasts, however, may actually be disappointed with that setup; more power and a six-speed manual are always better. Fortunately the folks at Chevrolet Performance Cars are fully aware of this likely complaint and they have a plan.


Thing is, that plan entirely depends on how well the SS sells. John Fitzpatrick, marketing manager for CPC, recently stated that if the SS sells beyond expectations (3,000 examples in 2014) then it's possible a supercharged variant with a manual option may appear. Remember, the SS has already been engineered for that setup. The Australia-only Holden Commodore HSV Gen-F comes powered by a supercharged 6.2-liter V8 that's rated at 577 hp, and a manual gearbox is optional. The SS is nothing but a rebadged Commodore, just like the G8 was. So here's hoping the Chevy SS finds plenty of buyers.

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