Even On Social Media, Ford And Chevrolet Are Fighting Hard For Victory


Half a dozen on one side; six of one on the other.

The automotive industry has seen many a rivalry come and go, but few have outlasted the intensely fierce competition between Ford and Chevrolet. It's a head-to-head clash that stretches back more than 100 years, and has peaked and troughed over the years as more models are introduced. So, in an age that's pretty much defined by social media and the brand awareness opportunities that come with getting the formula right, it's no surprise that this feud has arrived thick and fast on the digital battleground.

And it turns out the clash between Ford and Chevrolet is actually pretty close. The most recent figures in Swoop's 'Automotive Digital Brand Exposure Index' reveals that Chevy's 15.8% share of the digital media market is only marginally pipped by Ford's 16.4% split - and thus meaning the two companies have cornered almost a third of this particular promotional marketplace for themselves. A similar story can be said for the individual car model exposure during the same time frame, with the Chevrolet Corvette, Ford F-150 and Ford Mustang rounding out the podium places with shares of 7.2%, 6.5% and 5.9% respectively in terms of digital prominence.

Though the main stats mostly focus Ford and Chevrolet being neck-and-neck when it comes to maximizing their digital marketing capabilities, a few interesting statistics were thrown up in this analysis. Honda, for instance, finishes third in the overall brand exposure rankings, with the overall share of 12% being helped by one-in-20 car posts on the US Internet referencing the Honda Civic in some capacity. Even more interestingly, the Lexus LFA is still being talked about with relative frequency, having managed to edge out the Ford Focus, Mazda Miata and even the Nissan GT-R into the top 15 most talked-about cars in Q2 2016. Not bad for a supercar that went out of production four years ago!


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