Even Replacing The Tesla Model X's Windshield Costs Thousands Of Dollars

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Teslas save you money so long as you never drive them.

We recently wrote about a Tesla Model S brake job that was initially quoted at a whopping $8,500. Now a Model X owner is telling the Tesla Motors Club forum that he was quoted $2,290 (before tax) to replace the windshield on his Model X. The crack isn’t very big, but it’s a Tesla which means that it can only be fixed at the company’s service centers. That right there drives up the cost significantly. In addition to an inability to shop around for a cheaper quote on repairs the Model X is also basically a luxury SUV.

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It starts at $83,000 but the price quickly rises once you select a bigger battery pack. So no, the idea of the Model X’s replacement windshield costing $2,290 isn’t altogether insane but it does continue to paint a troubling picture for Tesla, namely its cars cost of ownership. Teslas are advanced machines made with the latest cutting-edge tech, and that alone should give owners a clue as to the cost of fixes. The Model X doesn't have just any ordinary windshield glass after all. In fact, according to Electrek the "Big Sky" windshield (as Tesla refers to it) on the X is made by a company called AGP at a factory in Lima, Peru. That means any new glass has to be sourced from a continent away, not exactly an easy or cost-friendly process.

When you add everything up: the repair/supply monopolization, the expensiveness of the X and the high-tech components its built with, the high cost of the replacement window glass makes sense. Of course just because it's logical doesn't mean that consumers will be happy. No one wants to pay thousands of dollars for what should be a simple repair job. If Tesla can't figure out a way to drive repair costs down, its cars may suffer a few years down the road in the resale market. Elon Musk has a lot on his plate, but again, this is an action item (corporate speak) that needs to be bumped up sometime soon. Original Model X photos by Tesla Motors Club user Bobby Kansara.