Even Rich People Will Have a Hard Time Getting a Ferrari LaFerrari Spider

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It'll be even more limited than its hardtop counterpart.

Just 499 examples of the LaFerrari are planned at price of $1.69 million a pop, and all have been spoken for. Previous rumors have suggested that a removable hardtop spider variant is all but certain, and now the Supercar Kids claims to have received the inside word that production has been green lit. That's not incredibly surprising, but its rumored production run is - with less than ten units to be made. Only a select few (not to mention loyal) customers will be given the opportunity to make the purchase.

What's more, the sticker price is also expected to dramatically head north, potentially between $2-$4 million. The price rise would really have nothing to do with any significant reengineering for open top fun; the LaFerrari's composite structure is already so incredibly stiff that cutting off the roof won't sacrifice much of the car's rigidity. Sources claim we should expect to see a removable two-panel roof similar to what's found on the Lamborghini Aventador Roadster. A potential reveal date still remains a mystery but this sounds like a no-brainer for Ferrari.

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Source Credits: thesupercarkids.com

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