Even The Base 2022 Honda Civic Will Be A Slick-Looking Car

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Honda's compact sedan has been rendered based on recent patent images. It's handsome.

Last month, we got our first real look at the all-new 2022 Honda Civic as a series of design patent images found their way online, depicting a more sedate, understated compact car than the tenth-generation model currently on sale. The internet quickly got to work using those patent images to imagine what the next high-performance Honda Civic Type R might look like, with a rendering replete with front and rear fender vents, a quad-tip exhaust, and a snazzy high-wing spoiler.

But now another artist has tried their hand at reinterpreting the patent images into a rendering of the regular Honda Civic, as well as the moderately sporty Civic Si. The results don't disappoint.

KDesign AG
KDesign AG

The regular 2022 Honda Civic imagined by designer Kleber Silva looks decidedly upscale next to the current tenth-gen model, with a more restrained design overall. Gone are the tenth-gen car's oversized, overwrought sickle-shaped taillights, and the front fascia graphics have all been straightened and simplified into something more akin to Mazda's mid-size 6. Some liberties have been taken with the design, like the upward kink at the rear edge of the second-row side window and the shallower lower grille up front, not to mention the shape and graphics of the headlights. But overall, it's reasonably faithful to the leaked patent images.

KDesign AG
KDesign AG

The Civic Si dreamed up by Silva is in much the same vein, but with a few sporting upgrades like a long decklid spoiler, a big, centrally located exhaust outlet, and an aggressively styled front fascia with an integrated splitter and gaping side inlets. It's quite similar to the current-generation Si, in terms of its most obvious bolt-ons.

How close either rendering is to the final production Civic and Civic Si remains to be seen, but both set reasonable expectations for Honda's next-generation compact lineup.

Honda's next-generation Civic is expected to launch late next year as a 2022 model, the Si and Type R appearing roughly a year later.

Source Credits: KDesignAG on Behance

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