Even the Chinese Think Chinese Cars Suck


Translation: Chinese buyers prefer foreign brands.

Ford. General Motors. Volkswagen. All three have major production operations in China, and have all achieved great success there. For a time, however, it seemed likely these Western automakers would face real competition from Chinese domestic brands, many of which could offer cheaper prices. However, that has yet to happen. According to a new report, Chinese buyers increasingly favor American brands due to their reputation for "safety, youth and overall international flair."

Surveys taken among those buyers have shown they don't view Chinese cars as having any of those qualities. When it comes to long-term reliability, it's a fact Chinese-built cars are lagging, and they haven't shown much improvement. Because of these foreign brands' success, the Chinese government, in an effort to protect their local industry, has made a requirement that foreign automakers can only build cars in China "through 50-50 partnerships with domestic partners." Imported cars face hefty tariffs. Despite some discussions to end that 50-50 policy, it still stands. For now, Western automakers are in demand despite their higher costs. In short: we like their egg rolls, they dig our cars.

Source Credits: www.nytimes.com

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