Even The Robots Building Ferraris Understand Italian Passion

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Good thing they do because there are fewer humans needed than ever.

Like any automaker, Ferrari relies on robots to help build its supercars. We always thought, however, that Ferrari, more so than, say, Chevrolet, has more human beings than robots on its factory floors. Maybe it's the romantic vision of old Ferrari bodies being hammered out by experienced craftsman, and then machined by hand. No robots. Little to nothing automated. But that's already in the past, even for Ferrari. Wired just released this cool video showing 488 GTB construction at Maranello, and as you can see there's a lot of robots.

Sure, there are some humans doing important tasks, but pretty soon they may no longer be needed. Robots don't require breaks, nor food or water. They don't need to go on vacation and they don't complain about working overtime.

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You get the point. But just watching the build process of a modern Ferrari is pretty incredible, something you're about to see in the video above. Ferrari has come an awful long way in its 70-year history, and it'd be fascinating to see how Enzo Ferrari would react to what his Maranello facility has become. For that matter, we'd love to see his reaction to Ferrari World.

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