Even Toyota Predicts The Internal Combustion Engine Will Soon Be Dead

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Add them to the endangered species list?

First it was GM that made the big announcement stating it will soon drop the internal combustion engine. And now Toyota is making a similar, although not identical statement. Autocar reports that Toyota's head of advanced R&D and engineering, Seigo Kuzumaki, has acknowledged that in light of growing emissions regulations and overall EV advancement, the internal combustion engine is now on borrowed time.


"We expect that by 2050 we will have reduced C02 emissions from vehicles by 90% compared to the figure in 2010," Kuzumaki said. "To achieve that, from 2040 simple internal combustion engined cars will not be made, but they may be the basis of some hybrid or plug-in hybrid cars." These comments really shouldn't come as a big surprise, especially from Toyota. Remember, this is the automaker that introduced the mainstream hybrid, the first generation Prius, back in 1997. Today, sells about 43% of all EVs globally. No big surprise, the Prius is now the best-selling electrified car in the world.

Point being is that Toyota has proven itself capable of understanding what's next, developing the necessary technology, and getting it into production at a reasonable price. Beginning in 220, the automaker will launch its first series of pure EVs that'll be powered by lithium-ion batteries and will achieve a minimum 300-mile range. Early next decade, Toyota hopes to make solid state batteries, which are smaller, safer and offer better performance than today's batteries, a common thing. "We hold more patents on solid state batteries than any other company," Kuzumaki added. With GM and now Toyota making similar predictions and plans of action regarding EV tech, it's fair to say internal combustion engines are officially an endangered species.


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