Even TVR's Boss Wasn't Prepared For The Griffith's Potent Power

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This is why the new TVR Griffith needs traction control.

We've drooled over the official photos and salivated over the specifications of TVR's 200 mph sports car comeback following the reveal of the reborn Griffith at the Goodwood Revival. But because the Revival only allows cars that predate 1966 onto the track, we've yet to see the it in motion. Until now, that is. A short but sweet video has been uploaded onto TVR's official YouTube channel chronicling the Griffith's journey home from the Goodwood Revival with CEO Les Edgar, and let's just say he seems very pleased about its performance.

Turns out even the boss of TVR wasn't prepared for its potent power. After pulling up at the Gordon Murray Design car park, we get to see an in-car view of Edgar behind the wheel of the new Griffith allowing us to briefly hear its growling 500-hp, 4.0-liter Cosworth V8 in all its glory. Anyone who has experienced a powerful car can relate to his surprised reaction.

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After experiencing the Griffith's acceleration first-hand, all Edgar could spout out was a torrent of expletives. He seems genuinely surprised by the Griffith's performance. Nice to know TVR's sports cars haven't lost any of their savagery. "I can confirm that it needs traction control on," he jokingly remarked. Fortunately, the Griffith will be the first TVR sports car equipped with Electronic Stability Control, but it can clearly still deliver thrills behind the wheel. If a brief sprint in a car park can provoke a reaction as strong as this, the new TVR Griffith is shaping up to be something very special.

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