Even Wealthy Ferrari Owners Aren't Safe From Takata Airbag Recalls

Now Ferrari owners will experience "regular people" problems.

If you've been watching the news recently then you've probably heard about the massive airbag recall that has affected millions of vehicles. Defective airbag inflators, supplied by Takata Motor Corp, could rupture in a crash and shoot shrapnel at a car's occupants. This is obviously a serious issue that has left many people stuck in rental cars while their cars are being fixed. For instance, my neighbor is now stuck with a Jeep Compass while her Honda is being fixed. Now Ferrari owners will feel the pain of this massive recall as well.

Owners of the 2009-2011 California built between February 16, 2009, and July 8, 2011, and owners of the 2010-2011 458 Italia built between March 5, 2010 and July 29, 2011 will be contacted by Ferrari to replace the front passenger airbag assembly. It sounds like Ferrari already has a fix for these cars which means owners won't be without their rides for longs. Phew, that was close. As it turns out, the rich really don't suffer as much as the rest of us. We doubt that any 458 owners would be happy with a Jeep Compass rental car.

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