Even With A Bad Driver The Model S P100D Is Still A Drag Strip Nightmare

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That poor Dodge Challenger Hellcat never really stood a chance, eh?

When the Tesla unveiled the Model S P100D it proudly declared that its 100 kWh battery pack made it the world's fastest production car. With a 0-60 mph time of 2.5 seconds that claim is hard to dispute. Despite the P100D possessing insane straight line performance figures people still continue to test its mettle at the drag strip because why the hell not. We recently saw a tuned Nissan GT-R running 93 octane give the top-tier Tesla a run for its money. Now we have a Dodge Challenger Hellcat doing the same.

We don't know if the Hellcat had any modifications but what we do know is that the person driving the Tesla was either unprepared or just plain unskilled.

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The Challenger Hellcat easily beats the Tesla off the line and holds the lead for most of the quarter mile before the EV takes the lead in the final moments The official time gives the four-door electric car the edge by 0.287 seconds, but the Dodge had the higher trap speed. If you factor in reaction times the race might have been just a bit closer. The Model S P100D is still the unquestioned king of the drag strip, at least as far as stock cars go. Despite the driver's late start it made up a crazy amount of ground to grab the come-from-behind win. If you take anything from this video it should be this: Don't sleep on a skilled driver in a Challenger Hellcat. That start off the line was a thing of beauty.

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