Even With An Akrapovic Exhaust The Ferrari 488 Doesn't Sound As Good As Its Predecessor

We'll let you be the judge, but we don't think this Ferrari sounds that great.

Some cars are just begging for an aftermarket exhaust. When the Ferrari 488 GTB first came out, many people speculated that the turbocharged 3.9-liter V8 could never sound as good as a naturally aspirated engine. And, for the most part, these doubters have been right. The 488 is not a particularly bad sounding car, but perhaps all it needed was the help of a louder, aftermarket exhaust. YouTube channel Gumbal has caught a glimpse of the first 488 with a Akrapovic exhaust.

We will let you be the final judge, but we don't think that the 488 sounds that great even with this new exhaust. In the video, a Ferrari 360 drives behind the 488, and we think that it sounds much better!

Just for reference, here is a video of a Ferrari 458 that is also equipped with an Akrapovic exhaust. Which do you think sounds better?

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