Even With Old Tires, A Hot Lap In A Ferrari FXX K Looks Absolutely Insane

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Optimistic braking forces this talented driver to learn their car before going all in.

Adrenaline junkies come in all shapes and sizes and with a wide variety of means to reach their hormone-filled ends. Some like skydiving and others juggling knives. Others still are the types to strap themselves into expensive and well-engineered rockets and launch themselves towards apexes, using intuition and a tinge of madness to sniff out where best to crank the wheel in order to cross the finish line with the best time. YouTube Alexander West is a member of this clan.

Having a Ferrari FXX K in the arsenal is a sign of a few things: lots of money (at least $3 or $4 million) and either the eccentricity to spend it on a track-only hybrid hypercar or enough passion for racing to commit the funds to the hobby. Sets of tires should be of no concern here as West tackles the famous Monza raceway in this gorgeous blue FXX K.

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However, West noting that old tires are stuck on this FXX K, it makes us wonder how Ferrari's guaranteed trackside service let him get away with it. As noted in the comments, there's no BS here, just the straight 6.3-liter V12 engine working together with the electric powertrain to spew 1,036 horsepower out the rear wheels. In the video, West takes the conditions into consideration, with the morning having been wet and the tires a bit worn. We can immediately see the first mistake on the first corner as West brakes as if the tires were fresh and the track dry, forcing them to bail onto the emergency exit lane. Later when confidence is higher, we can see West pushing the car to its limit, albeit while still wearing old tires.

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