Ever Heard Of Iso Rivolta? Here's An Introduction

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Time to go in depth with this classic Italian automaker.

When you hear the term 'classic Italian sportscar" there are a few makes that usually jump straight to the front of your cranium - Ferrari, Alfa Romeo, Maserati, Lamborghini - you get the picture. There are, of course, some lesser known automakers from back in the day that not many people know about, but they really should. Iso Rivolta is one such classic Italian manufacturer. We've shown you stuff on Iso before, but this time round there's a way to learn a lot more about the cars and it's creator, Renzo Rivolta.

There's a new web series called An Italian Garage that will focus on classic Italian cars, and they're kicking things off with an eight-episode story about the automaker.

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The first instalment of this series is called The Iso Rivolta Chronicles, and the teaser trailer for it will make fans of shows like this rather happy. There's nothing better than gaining more automotive knowledge, especially on a brand that was popular in the 1950s and 60s, but closed down in 1974 and all but faded into oblivion. The trailer indicates the series doesn't just give an overview of the models that came out of the Iso stable. They actually have cars in pristine condition that get driven properly so that you can get a good idea of just how special the automaker was. Just beware though, watching the series may inspire you to move to Italy to hand craft cars in a barn while sipping grappa and snacking on focaccia bread.

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