Ever Wanted To Build a Jacuzzi in Your Truck Bed, Here's How You Do It

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Not that it makes any kind of sense.

There are few recreational activities as relaxing and enjoyable as some time in a hot, especially if the person you're sharing the hot tub with is a particularly good looking female friend. But part of the limitations of hot tubs are that they are just so darn static, you can't really move them around much. Two clever Canadians decided to change that limitation by building a hot tub in the back of a pick up truck by connecting it directly with the truck engine's cooling system. Basically mimicking the function of the radiator.

Although successful at creating a hot tub on wheels, to their dismay, it did not help them attract any ladies to join them -even had them running away, but that may had less to do with the cool mobile jacuzzi and more to do with them being two incredible dorks.

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