Ever Wanted To Own Eight Classic Ferraris? Now's Your Chance

If you have the money, that is.

Ferrari has always been a special automaker; it builds veryfast cars, full of technological features that boggle the mind and designed byonly the best of the best. So it would make sense for the wealthy to collect asmany Ferraris, modern or classic, as they can and showcase them to theirfriends. However, how much would it cost to sell ALL of your classic Ferrarisat an auction? That’s what one wealthy person plans to do. The owner is selling his collection of classic Ferraris, which includes the following:

Ferrari F50 for around $2.5-2.9 million, F40 for around $1.3-1.6 million, and an Enzo for around $2.4-2.8 million. The lot also includes TWO 250 GTs for around $5 million for the pair, a Dino for around $700,000-800,000 and a 512 BBi for around $400,000-475,000. To top if off, a 328 GTS for around $125,000-150,000 is also included. The grand total? Up to over $11 MILLION. Expect these cars to find new homes (or maybe even one home) at Gooding & Company in Scottsdale, Arizona around January 29th and 30th next year. Photos courtesy of Gooding & Company.

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