Ever Wondered How An RS-Model Audi Is Assembled?

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Audi's factory in Gyor, Hungary, is cleaner than a hospital and inside humans and robots produce some of the best in Audi's range.

There's something soothing about watching how cars are made in a factory that's so clean you can literally eat off the floors, or any surface for that matter. It's almost impossible to comprehend the size of Audi's production plant in Gyor, Hungary. It looks the the RS range, in this case the new TT, is assembled away from the lesser specced models the manufacturer produces, if they can even be found in the same factory, that is. Notice how the white gloves stay white.

From the video it looks like the only parts of an RS model Audi that will have fingerprints on will be the parts that you have to touch to drive the car. Brilliant.

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We'd love to see a full start-to-finish video of the process but that would probably take a fair bit of bandwidth, especially since the complete production plant that includes the panel pressing division, the body shop, the paint shop and the full assembly lines cover over21,500,000 (that's 21.5 million) square feet. We did say that the size was almost incomprehensible. The best part of the video is the soundtrack - there isn't one. All you can hear is what the workers hear, machines and awesomeness.

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