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Every Audi R8 Receives A 25-Mile Road Test Before Delivery

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The R8 is the only Audi model that’s subjected to such meticulous quality control testing.

It will be a sad day when the current Audi R8 is retired. While most modern supercars favor forced induction or electrified powertrains, the R8 is decidedly old-school with its naturally aspirated 5.2-liter V10 engine. By the time the third-generation model arrives, it will almost certainly utilize a fully electric powertrain to compete with some of the world's fastest electric hypercars as the technology will have evolved significantly by then. Going back to the current model, a new report by Autocar has revealed a fun fact that reminds us how unique the Audi R8 really is.

Technicians told the publication that every Audi R8 that leaves the factory is subjected to a 25-mile test run on the public road before it's delivered to customers to iron out any potential quality issues. The most vulnerable parts of the car are covered in wrapping to protect it from stone chips and other damage. These tests are also rarely stopped due to weather, so you can be assured your R8 will receive a final evaluation come rain or shine.

No other model in Audi's line-up is subjected to this meticulous quality control testing, but that's not surprising considering the R8 is the most expensive car Audi sells. If you're spending $150,000 you're going to expect a premium service, but it's nice to know that Audi goes the extra mile.

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To keep the current model fresh, the R8 recently received a subtle refresh for the 2019 model year, incorporating sharper styling and more power. The standard R8 V10 now gives you 562 hp to play with, an increase of 29 hp over the pre-facelift model, while the 5.2-liter engine in the R8 V10 performance now comes with 611 hp, which is 9 more hp than the outgoing model. In the range-topping R8 V10 Performance Quattro, 0-62 mph takes 3.1 seconds before the car tops out at 205.7 mph.