Every Audi R8 Should Offer This Awesome Star Wars Alarm As An Option

All thieves fear the Dark Side.

Star Wars and cars are a surprisingly good combination. We have seen many custom cars inspired by the series, from Fiat 500s to a full lineup of Dodge muscle cars. Without question the Dark Side is the best source of inspiration when it comes to Star Wars cars. (It’s not even close.) While the majority of these vehicles sport cool wraps this Audi R8 owner isn’t nearly as flashy when it comes to nerd fandom. Why wrap a car when you can program the “Imperial March” to play whenever you arm the alarm?

Yes, this video is a few months old but it’s still damn funny. It’s especially awesome to see the reactions of onlookers who may or may not be convinced that Darth Vader is about to come strolling by.

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