Drag Race

Every Car Featured on "Roadkill" Face Off

It's amazing that some people actually get paid for this.

Yes, some people actually get paid to have this much fun. It’s unfair, we know. But fortunately, the crew from Roadkill are more than willing to share their fun with everyone. To celebrate the show’s overall lunacy, every project car that’s still in working order has been brought back for one big battle (obviously the Prius crushed by a tank couldn’t make it). A total of nine cars showed up, with the guys providing an update regarding the others that were either sold or junked.

Those surviving nine are pitted against each other in one giant tire smoking event. It’s all topped off with one big drag race, but that doesn’t come until the end of this 44-minute video. Trust us, if you have the time it’s so worth watching.

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