Every New Porsche 911 GT3 Will Receive a Brand New Engine

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Porsche isn't messing around with this one.

After a couple of 911 GT3 models caught fire Porsche ordered a stop sale, halted production and advised owners not to drive their new cars. It needed time to discover the problem, which they have now done, and come up with a solution – a brand new engine. Faulty connecting rod fasteners that damaged the crankcase are said to have caused the fires, so Porsche is now building new engines for all 785 units of the 911 GT3 and will distribute them to dealers ASAP.

Naturally, this will take time, but once the units arrive it shouldn't take more than a day to install the replacement engine. Only after the delivery and installation phase has been completed, Porsche will recommence production and deliveries of the 911 GT3.


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