Every Once in a While an Old Mini Cooper Goes British

It can't help leaving you stranded, but that's just part of its charm.

There’s something special about the original Mini Cooper. It was originally developed as an economy car to help the ordinary Englishman and woman cut back on rising gas prices. Pretty quickly, however, its potential as a race car was realized. All it needed was additional power and some suspension work, and a racing legend was born. Amazingly, the Mini (before the BMW era, of course) was in production for 41 years, and it changed very little during that time.

It was essentially at the same level as the Ford Model T and VW Beetle in terms of being the people’s car. For Sumner Norman, driving his 1971 Morris Mini has been both a privilege and a challenge. About once every six months or so, it breaks down and leaves him stranded. It’s a British-built car, after all.

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