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Every Pagani Huayra BC And Roadster In America Is Being Recalled

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That's right. All 16 of them.

Turns out Ferrari wasn't the only supercar manufacturer to issue a safety recall this week, because Pagani is recalling every Huayra BC And Roadster in the United States. If this was a different manufacturer, potentially thousands of vehicles would be affected. But this isn't a mass market manufacturer, it's a low-volume supercar maker. While as many as 40 Ferrari 488s are being recalled due to faulty software not altering the driver if the brake discs are worn out, the Pagani Huayra BC and its Roadster sibling are even rarer beasts.

As a result, Pagani's safety recall affects a grand total of, wait for it, 16 cars. And by that, we really mean a grand total, not 16 of each model. In a notice posted by NHTSA, Pagani states that the battery may not provide enough power to start the car or keep it running. Unfortunately, a fix hasn't been developed yet, so when Pagani is planning to start the recall and repair process is anyone's guess. The fault is due to a software glitch in the battery management system. Yes, that's all it takes for a manufacturer to issue to recall a $2.5-million exotic. Luckily, the issue hasn't caused any injuries or accidents yet, but it's still a potential safety hazard so you can't be too careful.

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First launched in 2012, the Huayra is the successor to the fabled Zonda. It's made almost entirely out of carbon fiber and packs an AMG-developed 6.0-liter twin-turbo V12. Limited to 100 units, the first version of the Huayra produced 720 horsepower. Once they were all sold, Pagani produced 20 examples of the more powerful Huayra BC coupe in 2016, extracting 745 horsepower from the same engine. The Roadster variant is even more powerful, as Pagani tweaked the 6.0-liter twin-turbo V12 to produce 754 horsepower of driving pleasure.