Every Single Lucid Air Has Been Recalled

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Every last one.

As of now, Lucid Motors has managed to produce 1,117 vehicles. Every single one of those is a Lucid Air, as the brand's SUV, the Gravity, isn't out yet. And every last one of those 1,117 cars has been recalled. In a worst-case scenario, the issue could cause the Air's interior screens to fail entirely. We're not sure if you'd be able to drive after that, but it certainly wouldn't make doing so any easier.

The recall was filed with the NHTSA on May 24, as stated in Lucid's letter of acknowledgment of the recall. In it, the report states Lucid has been aware of the issue since roughly April 28. As you'd expect, the recall will be performed on all affected models free of charge.

2021-2022 Lucid Air Instrument Board Lucid
2021-2022 Lucid Air Front View Driving Lucid
2021-2022 Lucid Air Front View Lucid
2021-2022 Lucid Air Top View Lucid

Lucid's second-ever recall filing states that "the center and left display wiring harness may not have adequate clearance from the steering intermediate shaft, which could lead to chafing of the harness and loss of display updates." The paperwork filed with the NHTSA goes on to state that if your Air was built after May 4, 2022, your car is safe. Though, given the cars affected, we'd bet none of those are on the road yet.

However, anything before this "clean point" is going to need some work done. In layman's terms, the cars made before the clean point have harnesses in the cabin that are a hair too long. As a result, Lucid affixed the excess length near that steering shaft mentioned above.

2021-2022 Lucid Air Central Console Lucid
2021-2022 Lucid Air Infotainment System Lucid

The cars made after the clean point, however, have new, shorter ones which shouldn't create a clearance issue. Mercifully, only around 1% of all models in the recall are predicted to have the issue.

Happily, the fix shouldn't take long. Lucid's filings say that the affected cars will simply have any additional wiring cleared of the steering shaft, and affixed elsewhere. This means no new wiring harness. That's very good news, given what's going on with the supply chain now. Getting 1,117 new wiring harnesses would be a huge expense and a hassle for the fledgling automaker.

2021-2022 Lucid Air Forward View Lucid
2021-2022 Lucid Air Rear Angle View Lucid
2021-2022 Lucid Air Front Angle View Lucid
2021-2022 Lucid Air Driver Seat Lucid

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2021-2022 Lucid Air Forward Vision
2021-2022 Lucid Air Rear Passenger Seats
2021-2022 Lucid Air Top View
2021-2022 Lucid Air Front View Driving
2021-2022 Lucid Air Forward View

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