Everyone Needs to Lobby Subaru to Build a BRZ STI


Enough's enough, Subaru. It's time to turbocharge the BRZ.

In case you haven’t heard, a factory turbocharged version of the Scion FR-S/Toyota GT86 isn’t happening anytime soon, if ever. That’s sad considering Toyota has (a) the resources (its in-house TRD performance division) and (b) the money (it’s only the largest automaker in the world at the moment) to make such a car happen. It’s an outright shame. But what about Subaru and its near identical version of the car, the BRZ?

Is there any chance of a BRZ STI in the near future? Not at the moment, according to Subaru Australia managing director Nick Senior. However, Senior claims that Subaru Down Under is still lobbying hard for a proper turbocharged BRZ STI despite the Japanese home office’s reluctance. Subaru Australia has also done its own BRZ modifications by utilizing STI parts to improve the car’s suspension and appearance. But still, that doesn’t take the place of a true BRZ STI (not to mention this work is only happening in Australia). So what can be done to help make the BRZ STI happen? Lobby Subaru.

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Write in to its official Facebook page, and even go to your local dealer and complain that the BRZ lacks power. America only received the WRX back in 2000 after fans pushed hard for it after missing out on the first-gen model. It’s time to push Subaru again, only now for a car that doesn’t exist (yet).