Everyone's Favorite Tow-Truck Mater Will Return In Cars 3


But he may only have a minor role, which may come as a relief to some.

Mater is a character you either love or hate in Pixar’s Cars animation series. Distinctively voiced by Larry the Cable Car Guy, Mater’s sole purpose is to provide comic relief with his dim-witted personality, making him particularly popular with kids, but grating to adults. You may have wondered if the bumbling tow-truck would appear in Cars 3. Recent trailers focused on the new hi-tech cars that will challenge series mainstay Lightning McQueen, but Mater was nowhere to be seen - despite being a main character in the first two movies.

Well fear not, because a new Cars 3 TV Spot confirms that Mater will be appearing in the third film. Just as Jar Jar Binks had considerably less screen-time in the subsequent Star Wars prequels, it looks like Mater may only have a cameo appearance in Cars 3 - though that may come as a relief if you find him too overbearing.

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A clip shows Lightning McQueen being reunited with his old friend through a video feed. Offering McQueen some advice, Mater provides some words of wisdom the only way he can: “You know what I’d do?” he asks. After being prompted by McQueen, all he can say is “I don’t know. I got nothin’.” We’ve missed you really, Mater. We have high hopes for Cars 3, which made it to our list of most anticipated 2017 car movies. With its darker tone, lovable characters and hybrid cars representing the current auto industry, Cars 3 should resonate with children and car-loving adults alike when it races into theaters June 16. Let's just hope it gets a better critical reception than the last two panned movies.