Everyone, This Is The World's Worst Camaro Driver


So this just happened.

We see car crashes and their aftermaths all the time. It's become a regular occurrence, so it'll take quite something to make us do a double take. This is that something. The Knoxville, Tennessee, WBIR NBC affiliate has just reported about this Chevrolet Camaro that somehow ended on top of a parked Subaru Outback. Another driver snapped images of the aftermath of the crash that local authorities are still trying to figure out how exactly happened.

What's known is that the Subaru owner was inside a store when the Camaro came crashing down on top. The Camaro driver was able to jump down from the car after performing their best "Dukes of Hazzard" stunt impression. Fortunately, no one was hurt. Anyone have any theories as to how this Camaro ended up where it did? Photos courtesy of wbir.com/Wendy Tittsworth.

Source Credits: www.wbir.com

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